Cedar Point dollars carry Sandusky in 2010

From the Sandusky Register


Cedar Point’s skyrocketing revenue these past few month’s could lead to a balanced budget for Sandusky, or possibly even a small one-year surplus.

City officials projected a decrease in tourism dollars for 2010, but through August, year-to-date admissions-tax revenues were up 5.1 percent compared to last year. Motel-tax revenues are up 8.1 percent.

The hot, dry weather contributed to the huge tourism season, Cedar Point spokesman Robin Innes said.

But the city’s August financial report didn’t contain all good news: Income-tax revenues are still down 7.2 percent, or about $285,000.

City officials have successfully reduced expenses, which should help offset the declining income-tax revenues, at least for the rest of the year.

Expenses in 2010 are down about 8.5 percent compared to 2009, or about $141,000, Solowiej said.

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