Welcome to CP Guide, your online guide to Cedar Point! There are a ton of CP fan sites out there, but this site is going to focus on multimedia rich posts.  To make a comment on something that has been posted, just scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the comments section.  There you can reply and quote posts just like on a forum.  We are using the Cedar Point and Soak City group on Flickr as our official photosharing group. If you want to share a picture or video, upload it to Flickr and add it to the group.

Site Maintenance

Just as Cedar Point is always changing and updating so are we.  This site will never be 100% complete because of all the changes that are happening at the point.  Give us time as we do our very best to bring you the latest, up to the minute, information.

CP Guide is not affiliated with Cedar Point Amusement Park or Cedar Fair, L.P.

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