Goodbye Tony Clark, You Will Be Missed!


Today Tony Clark, Interactive Marketing Manger for Cedar Point and the main Blogger for The OnPoint!, said that…

I’ve announced my departure from America’s Roller Coast to pursue another life adventure. Not an easy decision, but I’m excited at the opportunities ahead.

This is a very sad day here in the Cedar Point community.  We at CP Guide hope that he finds another job just as fun as his job at Cedar Point.  So, as a small gift for his departure, we have posted every picture that we have taken of him over the past few years!

This picture is very special to use because if you are a true reader of the OnPoint! you will remember this.  I sent this to Tony and he surprised me by posting this!  Thanks Tony, this was a wonderful surprise back in the Fall of 2008!

Full Gallery of Tony Photos

LeBron at Cedar Point

Miley Cyrus, LeBron James take in Cedar Point



SANDUSKY — No, LeBron James and Miley Cyrus weren’t at Cedar Point together but both paid a visit to the amusement park in the last three days and we have the photos to show you.

Cyrus took a break from work and enjoyed some fun with friends on the Millennium Force roller coaster on Saturday afternoon.

Cyrus is currently filming her latest movie, “LOL: Laughing Out Loud.”

On Monday, LeBron James seemed content at first to keep his feet on the ground as he strolled through the park, eating a frozen lemonade cup and sharing it with one of his sons.

Then he took to the air later in the day, riding the Raptor with pals from Akron, including Dru Joyce.

Tony and Tyler’s Shoot the Rapids Ride


As we tweeted on Sunday:

@mycpguide: Just saw Tony and Tyler, they got to ride STR. Tyler said it’s a great ride!

6:12 PM May 30th via txt

Well it turns out that someone was around taking pictures when they were riding and got a few shots of them.  Click here to view the full gallery with more Tony and Tyler pictures.

Shoot the Rapids Testing


Ride Watch Cedar Point App


With opeing day coming tomorrow, wouldn’t it be great if you could find out the wait time of a ride anywhere in the park?  Well, you can now with the Ride Watch Cedar Point App!  As the decription says…

“Standing in front of Raptor? Wondering if you should ride or walk back to Millennium Force? CP Ride Watch can tell you.”

Sounds like a great app right?!?!  We are planning on using it on opening day and throughout the season and we encourage you too!  Check out some screenshots below:

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