Iron Dragon

Cedar Point - Iron Dragon StationGet on the wings of the Iron Dragon and fly over the Cedar Point Lagoon.

Riders board cars that swing and sway, suspended underneath the ride’s steel track. Two lift hills take you up and above the trees and send you diving into the woods in and around the lagoon.

Quick Facts

  • Opened In: 1987
  • Built By: Arrow Dynamics
  • Ride Time: Approx. 2 minutes, 5 seconds
  • Capacity: 2,000 riders per hour
  • Height: 76 ft.
  • Speed: Up to 40 mph
  • Ride Length: 2,835 ft.

Also of Interest

Iron Dragon is located very close to the Good Time Theatre.  It might be nice to catch a Snoopy show there following your ride.

Important Information

  • Riders must be 46″ to ride.
  • Thrill Rating: 4/5
  • This ride is extremely smooth.
  • The trains feature an over the shoulder restraint, so some larger people may have trouble fitting.

Average Wait Times

Usual wait time is 10-30 minutes. This ride is generally most busy in the early afternoon.


Cedar Point - Power Tower, TTD, Iron Dragon Cedar Point - Iron Dragon Station Cedar Point - Iron Dragon Station

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