Cedar Point - MaXairRiders on the super-sized maXair will sit in outward-facing suspended seats and their legs will dangle freely. maXair will let loose by swinging riders back and forth in a seemingly out of control pendulum motion while spinning in a clockwise rotation and reaching a maximum speed of 70 mph. When the pendulum movement reaches its peak, riders will be 140 feet high and experience that coveted feeling of airtime.

Quick Facts

  • Opened In: 2005
  • Built By: Huss
  • Ride Time: Approx. 2 minutes, 30 seconds

Also of Interest

maXair is located right next to Kiddie Kingdom and Midway Games, so be sure to spend some time with the whole family in this area.

Important Information

  • Riders must be 52″ to ride.
  • Thrill Rating: 5/5

Average Wait Times

Usual wait time is 20-30 minutes.


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Cedar Point - MaXair

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