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WildCat Removed For Celebration Plaza Expansion

Cedar Point - Off-Season Wildcat

Cedar Point has announced today that it is expanding its new Celebration Plaza. As a part of that expansion, Cedar Point will be removing the WildCat roller coaster. In a statement on their website, they said…

WildCat was coming to the end of its useful life. With the desired expansion to Celebration Plaza, coupled with the low ridership and increased maintenance costs, Cedar Point has decided to accelerate the removal of the ride. WildCat will be removed from the park prior to Opening Day and the materials will be sent to a recycling facility.

This is the first roller coaster that Cedar Point has removed since the Jumbo Jet in 1978.

Cedar Point - Off-Season Wildcat

They said this expansion is one of several initiatives that will beautify the park midways and enhance guests’ experiences. Cedar Point remains committed to being the roller coaster capital of the world which means that new roller coasters, rides and attractions will always be in the future plans of the park.

Cedar Point - Off-Season Wildcat

Is Cedar Point still America’s Roller Coast?

From the Sandusky Register

Cedar Point Skyline


A Six Flags park in California is the new roller coaster champion, but Cedar Point officials say the rival park wears a tarnished crown.

Cedar Point says the park’s Superman: Escape from Krypton ride isn’t a roller coaster, and it shouldn’t be counted as such.

The Sandusky Register interviewed three roller coaster buffs, all of whom disagree with Cedar Point — they say Escape from Krypton is a legitimate roller coaster.

Last month Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles announced that with the opening of its newest ride, Green Lantern: First Flight, the park now has 18 roller coasters.

That surpasses Cedar Point’s 17.

But Cedar Point spokesman Robin Innes says Six Flags is stretching the definition of “roller coaster” when it includes Superman: Escape from Krypton.

According to the ride’s official website, Escape from Krypton blasts riders along an L-shaped track that extends 415 feet into the air, giving them 6.5 seconds of weightlessness and plummeting them back to earth in a free fall.

It describes the ride as a “dual-track coaster.”

But the ride resembles Cedar Point’s Power Tower, Innes said, which lifts riders straight into the air.
Cedar Point does not include Power Tower among its official list of 17 coasters.

Escape from Krypton also resembles Demon Drop, a former Cedar Point ride. Referring to Six Flags’ Escape from Krypton, Innes said, “We would call it a free-fall ride.”

Innes also said the quality of Cedar Point’s coasters is second to none.
Six Flags, meanwhile, isn’t jumping into the fray.

A spokeswoman for Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sue Carpenter, did not return phone messages a Register reporter left Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Still, roller coaster enthusiasts and people unaffiliated with the theme parks say it’s reasonable to classify Superman: Escape from Krypton as a roller coaster.