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The 2011 Park Map (Spoilers)

Thanks to the help of my friend, Christopher Huges (@chriswc11), I stumbled upon the 2011 park map.  It’s not the full map as it takes up half a page in the school group brochure, but it gives you an idea of what the map and park will be like next year.


Starting off at Cedar Point’s new ride WindSeeker we find the the Beach Entrance is going to be placed on an angle and it looks like WindSeeker’s queue line will start by the Extrema Sports Stadium as shown in the animation.


We all knew it was coming, it looks like Chaos is leaving and a 3-point challenge is going in it’s spot.  As seen in the next image, it looks like the Demon Drop 3-point challenge has vanished from the map.

Ocean Motion

Cedar Point’s other “new” ride for 2011 is Ocean Motion.  Moving from it old location where WindSeeker is going to the Demon Drop’s old site.  A pond will be placed next to it to add to the theme of the ride.  As you can see the 3-point challenge is no longer shown.

Cedar Point to Pour WindSeeker Foundation Tomorrow

Cedar Point Press Release

SANDUSKY, Ohio – Although there is ice on the lake and snow on the ground, the Cedar Point Beach will be a hub of activity tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 14) when the concrete foundation for its new ride, the 301-foot-tall WindSeeker swing ride, will be poured.

Weather permitting, more than 1,600 tons of concrete will be needed to build the 30-story ride’s foundation.  The dimensions of the foundation are 60 feet by 60 feet by 6 feet deep and will require more than 800 cubic yards of concrete.  Prior to the pour, more than 36 tons of steel rebar and 176 steel anchor bolts were placed in position.

Overall, the total weight of the foundation will be more than 3.3 million pounds or 1,650-plus tons of concrete and steel.

The Adena Corporation, Mansfield, will build the foundation while Huron Cement, Huron, will deliver the concrete.  The pour is scheduled to begin at approximately 7 a.m. and should be completed by 5 p.m.  A fleet of 14 trucks will make 80 continuous trips to the park to transport the concrete to the park.

To watch the construction progress, Cedar Point’s web site: cedarpoint.com will have two of its webcams covering all of the activities.  You can also follow the conversation about the construction via Cedar Point’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Costing more than $5 million to build, WindSeeker will stand more than 30 stories above the Cedar Point Beach.  Seated in two-passenger swings with their feet dangling in the air, riders will be treated to breathtaking views of Cedar Point, Lake Erie and the Cedar Point Beach.

Cedar Point will open for the summer on Saturday, May 14.

Ocean Motion stays put at CP

From the Sandusky Register


Monday brought good news for fans of Ocean Motion, Cedar Point’s pirate-themed swinging ship ride. It isn’t going away after all.

After failing to sell the ride, Cedar Point officials decided it shouldn’t go the way of the Demon Drop and other rides that have left the park as new rides come in.

The new location of Ocean Motion will be where the Demon Drop used to be, toward the front of the park, near the midway carousel, a park spokesman said.

Its former location, near the beach, will be home to the new towering WindSeeker thrill ride.

Here are some fast facts about Ocean Motion:

  • Pirate-themed boat ride that swings back and forth.
  • Manufactured by HUSS Park Attractions, Bremen, Germany
  • Debuted in 1981 next to the beach in the northeast part of Cedar Point.
  • Seated 54 people. More than 19.5 million people enjoyed this ride through the years.
  • Put up for sale in summer 2010 for $179,000.
  • Moved in November 2010 to make room for new WindSeeker ride.
  • Ocean Motion will now be located at the front of the park where the former Demon Drop welcomed visitors.

Ocean Motion will be setting sail from a new port next year

Cedar Point - Ocean Motion

Cedar Point announced earlier today, through Facebook, that Ocean Motion will be staying at the park next year.  Although it will not remain in it’s old location due to the construction of WindSeeker, Ocean Motion will be moving to the old Demon Drop site, which has sat empty this past season.

Cedar Point - Old Demon Drop Location

Cedar Point - Old Demon Drop Location

Fans seem to be very happy about this decision, and so are we!

Cedar Fair says patent dispute won’t halt development of new rides

From the Sandusky Register


Cedar Fair officials say that when they bought four new WindSeeker rides, they were seeking riders, not a legal dispute.

But they say an argument over whether the ride violates a U.S. patent won’t slow deployment of the rides.

The amusement park chain announced Tuesday that it bought four WindSeeker rides, one each for its Cedar Point, Canada’s Wonderland, Kings Island and Knott’s Berry Farm amusement parks. The 301-foot-high ride spins riders high into the air.

The Funtime Group, an Australian company, says the WindSeeker is based on its own StarFlyer ride.

Brian Mirfin, the owner of the company, said he thought he had a deal brewing to sell StarFlyer rides to Cedar Fair after a delegation of Cedar Fair officials, including CEO Dick Kinzel, visited the Magical Midway in Orlando on Jan. 25, which has the only StarFlyer in the U.S.

Mirfin said that after the sale somehow fell through, he found out that Cedar Fair was buying a very similar new ride from Mondial.

“It’s almost like Mondial’s plagiarizing our idea,” said Mirfin. “It makes us very, very angry. …Now, not only do we not get the contract, now we’ve got to get into litigation.”

Mondial has not answered two e-mails asking for comment, but Stacy Frole, Cedar Fair’s director of investor relations, said Mondial’s U.S. patent attorney has told Cedar Fair that Funtime’s claim has no merit.

It is standard procedure that when Cedar Fair buys new rides, the contract has a provision that “would insulate us from intellectual property claims,” Frole said.

“We’re comfortable with our agreement with Mondial and we’re excited to build WindSeeker,” she said.

Robin Innes, a Cedar Point spokesman, said it’s normal for Cedar Point to talk to more than one ride vendor when considering a new ride.

It’s like buying a new car and going from dealership to dealership, he said.

“You look around and you see what fits best for you,” said Innes, who said Cedar Point is considering Funtime’s claim but has the legal brief from Mondial’s lawyer saying the claim has no merit.

Tony Handal, a Connecticut attorney specializing in patent law who represents Funtime, said Cedar Fair officials have told him they are considering the claim and have said they expect to get back to Handal within a few days.

Handal said he is “absolutely” confident his client has a legitimate patent claim.

Park World Online, apparently citing a Mondial press release, published an article on Feb. 2 this year about Mondial’s new ride.

“Designed following requests from clients who wanted a StarFlyer-style ride they could still operate within normal wind conditions, the WindSeeker is the result,” the article stated.

After the Sandusky Register published an article and blog posting quoting the Park World article, the wording of the article was changed. It now says the ride was developed “following requests from clients who wanted a tall swing ride they could still operate within normal wind conditions.”

Park World Online did not respond to an e-mail asking why it changed the wording.

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