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The OnPoint Blog has Returned!

Yesterday afternoon Cedar Point placed someone out in front of the WindSeeker2Cam with a sign that said: “Favorite Fan Feature Returns 3.9.11” with an arrow to CedarPoint.com.

Fan Favorite To Return 3.9.11 -> CedarPoint.com

Well it turns out that the OnPoint! Blog has returned and the new blogger’s name is Becca.   She started working at Cedar Point seasonally in 2006 as a ride operator on Top Thrill Dragster.   She then returned the following summer as a public relations intern and V.I.P. tour guide.  Now she has one of the best jobs at the park!

Becca Blog Sign

She says that the old blogs will stay around and she plans to bring back the “PointCasts”.  She also has some other exciting things planned that we are just as excited to see!

From everyone at CP Guide, we wish Becca the best at her awesome new job!

Ocean Motion stays put at CP

From the Sandusky Register


Monday brought good news for fans of Ocean Motion, Cedar Point’s pirate-themed swinging ship ride. It isn’t going away after all.

After failing to sell the ride, Cedar Point officials decided it shouldn’t go the way of the Demon Drop and other rides that have left the park as new rides come in.

The new location of Ocean Motion will be where the Demon Drop used to be, toward the front of the park, near the midway carousel, a park spokesman said.

Its former location, near the beach, will be home to the new towering WindSeeker thrill ride.

Here are some fast facts about Ocean Motion:

  • Pirate-themed boat ride that swings back and forth.
  • Manufactured by HUSS Park Attractions, Bremen, Germany
  • Debuted in 1981 next to the beach in the northeast part of Cedar Point.
  • Seated 54 people. More than 19.5 million people enjoyed this ride through the years.
  • Put up for sale in summer 2010 for $179,000.
  • Moved in November 2010 to make room for new WindSeeker ride.
  • Ocean Motion will now be located at the front of the park where the former Demon Drop welcomed visitors.

Ocean Motion will be setting sail from a new port next year

Cedar Point - Ocean Motion

Cedar Point announced earlier today, through Facebook, that Ocean Motion will be staying at the park next year.  Although it will not remain in it’s old location due to the construction of WindSeeker, Ocean Motion will be moving to the old Demon Drop site, which has sat empty this past season.

Cedar Point - Old Demon Drop Location

Cedar Point - Old Demon Drop Location

Fans seem to be very happy about this decision, and so are we!

Goodbye Tony Clark, You Will Be Missed!

Today Tony Clark, Interactive Marketing Manger for Cedar Point and the main Blogger for The OnPoint!, said that…

I’ve announced my departure from America’s Roller Coast to pursue another life adventure. Not an easy decision, but I’m excited at the opportunities ahead.

This is a very sad day here in the Cedar Point community.  We at CP Guide hope that he finds another job just as fun as his job at Cedar Point.  So, as a small gift for his departure, we have posted every picture that we have taken of him over the past few years!

This picture is very special to use because if you are a true reader of the OnPoint! you will remember this.  I sent this to Tony and he surprised me by posting this!  Thanks Tony, this was a wonderful surprise back in the Fall of 2008!

Full Gallery of Tony Photos

2010 Park Preview

With one week left to opening day, we thought that we would give you a little peek as to what you’re going to see on opening day. Let’s first start at the very beginning of the point, the entrance sign with its new Shoot the Rapids banners…

…the new look to the buses to match their, and other Cedar Fair parks, “Fun and Only” ad campaign…

…I think something is missing, oh wait, it’s the Demon Drop that’s missing…

…entrance with videos screens already running…

…and finally the new Shoot the Rapids cover for the ticket booths…

Thanks to @thelostcoaster, @coasterhq, and @pointbuzz who made this update possible.  We hoped you enjoyed this update and there are only SEVEN DAYS LEFT!