DQ set for Cedar Point Causeway

From the Sandusky Register


Dairy Queen fans who live in Sandusky currently face a cruel reality.

When they hunger for the food and ice cream chain’s chicken strip basket or its nutty banana blizzard, they have to drive to Huron.

The Huron store, in fact, is the only one around.

The local Dairy Queen drought will end this year, however, when Cedar Fair replaces its East of Chicago pizza parlor at 2015 Fifth St. with a Dairy Queen Grill and Chill Restaurant.

“We’re just looking to try something different,” said Robin Innes, Cedar Fair spokesman. “We just think Dairy Queen has very broad appeal.”

Innes declined to say if the new eatery will be ready for the park’s May 14 opening.

He said he wants to preserve some of the sweet, cold details for a formal announcement next month.

It will be the first complete Dairy Queen serving any Cedar Fair park, although Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto does have a few Dairy Queen stands that offer only ice cream.

Dairy Queen’s website, which already lists the new Sandusky outlet as “coming soon,” lists a food menu that includes burgers, chicken strips and chicken sandwiches, fries and onion rings, hot dogs, iron-grilled sandwiches, shrimp and salads.

The ice cream treats include cones, sundaes, ice cream bars, a brownie and ice cream combo, ice cream sandwiches, soft ice cream blizzards and the like.

Ice cream cakes also are offered.

Drinks include a variety of soft drinks, but also the “Arctic Rush” fruit-flavored drinks, iced coffee, malts and fruit smoothies.

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