Sneak Peek: Dinosaurs roar into Cedar Point


SANDUSKY — Monstrous roars are echoing at Cedar Point as the summertime scream park invites guests to come face to face with dinosaurs.

The new 2012 attraction — “Dinosaurs Alive” — which is currently under construction on Adventure Island near Millennium Force, features more than 50 animatronic dinosaurs.

Photos: Dinosaurs invade Cedar Point was invited to the park for an exclusive sneak peek of Dinosaurs Alive with Bryan Edwards, the spokesman for Cedar Point.

“We’re putting them (dinosaurs) out on the island right now, hooking up the sound system to them. It’s really going to be a cool experience. I don’t think words and pictures will do it justice until you actually see these things in person and how big and massive they are.”

The decision to bring these massive creatures to the park came from another Ohio destination — Kings Island.

“The reason we brought ‘Dinosaurs Alive’ to Cedar Point this year was our sister park, Kings Island, down near Cincinnati, introduced dinosaurs and had a similar attraction at their park last year and it was hugely successful,” Edwards says. “Guests of all ages really enjoyed it.”

Although this addition isn’t a signature scream machine, Edwards says it’s a family experience.

“We’ll have three dinosaurs that will have interactive controls that you can move the head, the body, the tail. There will also be a dinosaur dig-pit area for children that they can go through and actually unearth dinosaur bones.”

Edwards anticipates it will take guests at least 45 minutes to soak in the entire attraction.

“Dinosaurs Alive,” which costs an additional $5, will debut when the park opens for the 2012 season on Saturday, May 12.

The long-running Paddlewheel Excursion was removed at the end of the 2011 season to make room for “Dinosaurs Alive.”

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