Jr. Gemini

Cedar Point - Jr. GeminiThis is where it all starts for little coaster lovers. The Jr. Gemini features a figure eight layout with pint-sized hills that will bring out the smiles in your little one.

And when the kids are older and taller, they can challenge Jr. Gemini’s big brother, the Gemini, right across the midway!

Quick Facts

  • Opened In: 1979
  • Built By: Intamin AG
  • Ride Time: Approx. 0 minutes, 50 seconds
  • Capacity: 1,800 riders per hour
  • Height: 19 ft.
  • Speed: Up to 6 mph
  • Ride Length: 443 ft.

Also of Interest

Jr. Gemini is located in the middle of the Gemini Kids Area.   This area features a few other rides for the little ones.

Important Information

  • Riders must be 36″ but not over 54″ to ride.
  • Thrill Rating: 2/5
  • Parents may ride with their children, but only one row on the train is large enough for adults.

Average Wait Times

Usual wait time is 5-10 minutes. This ride is generally most busy in the early afternoon.


Cedar Point - Jr. Gemini

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