Cedar Point - Raptor Loop“There goes the floor, you’re out the door – enjoy your ride on Raptor!” Kick the Sky on the park’s inverted beast, Raptor.

Raptor is one of the tallest and fastest inverted coasters in the world, featuring six head-over-heels inversions. Fly below the steel track with your feet dangling as you ride this bird of prey.

Quick Facts

  • Opened In: 1994
  • Built By: Bolliger & Mabillard
  • Ride Time: Approx. 2 minutes, 16 seconds
  • Capacity: 1,800 riders per hour
  • Height: 137 ft.
  • Speed: Up to 57 mph
  • Ride Length: 3,790 ft.

Also of Interest

Raptor is located just next to the Midway Market, an all you can eat buffet. Midway Market is remarkably reasonable for the quality, and amount of food that it features.

Important Information

  • Riders must be 54″ to ride.
  • Thrill Rating: 5/5
  • Raptor is not for those with motion sicknesses.
  • Raptor’s trains are fairly large, but they do use over the shoulder restraints.
    Larger people may have a bit of trouble fitting. Be sure to try the test seat at the beginning of the line first.

Average Wait Times

Usual wait time is 30-45 minutes. This ride is generally most busy in the early morning to late afternoon.  It’s best to wait till later in the evening to ride this ride when there is little to no line.


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