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Planning to head to the Point on the 4th of July?  Use this handy quick guide to have a fun and enjoyable day even with the massive crowds that are going.

Early Entry

If your staying in a Cedar Point Resort or have a Platinum Season Pass, take full advantage of this time.  The lines will be at the shortest times of the day at about a 1/2 hour for the Millennium Force.


With an almost full parking lot every 4th of July, millions of people are in the park trying to ride the same rides you are.  There can be anywhere to a one hour to a five hour wait for the big coasters and at least a one hour wait for the Iron Dragon.  I know that I wouldn’t want to wait an hour for a two minute ride.

Starting in the back and working your way to the front through out the day will help avoid larger crowds.

Meal Times

The best thing to do is bring your own packed lunch and eat it at your car because the people who do bring a packed lunch will fill up the picnic shelters fast.

If you do have to eat in the park, plan to eat right at 11am when most of the food places open or around 2:30 or 3pm after the lunch crowds have gone.  Same thing with dinner, avoid average dinner times because everyone else will be thinking the same thing.

Shows and Live Entertainment

Shows are a great way to cool off from the heat and take a break from standing.  Other people will have this same idea so it’s good to get there at lease 45 minutes early, no later than a half hour early for a decent seat.


Places like the Red Garter Saloon will still have a full lunch crowd by the time the 2:30pm Tropical Heat, Island Beat Show starts!

Shows like Everyone Loves Snoopy and Rock Band, Live will have lines forming right after the show gets out.

Also, be sure to stay for the fireworks and find a good place to sit or stand on the midway.

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