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WindSeeker won’t fly on park’s opening

From the Sandusky Register


For the second year in a row, a new ride at Cedar Point won’t be ready for opening day.

While last year’s opening of Shoot the Rapids was delayed because of technical problems, this year’s new ride — WindSeeker — is off to a slow start because of northern Ohio’s wicked weather.

WindSeeker will not be running when the park opens on May 14, said Robin Innes, Cedar Point’s spokesman.

The long winter got the park off to a late start, and the recent spate of high winds and rainstorms only exacerbated the situation.

The 30-story WindSeeker will swing 64 riders in a circle more than 300 feet in the air. It reaches a top speed of 30 mph, with the swings flaring out at a 45-degree angle over Lake Erie.

The $5 million ride is manufactured by the Dutch-based Mondial.

During a conference call Thursday morning with financial analysts who follow the company, Cedar Fair CEO and president Dick Kinzel confirmed the ride’s opening will be delayed.

But the delay will likely be a matter of days, not weeks, Kinzel said.

“I think we’re talking, at the latest, Memorial Day,” he said.