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Here’s your sneak peek at the new Dinosaurs Alive! attraction at Cedar Point

From the Sandusky Register


Dinosaurs are invading Cedar Point.

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Angustinaripterus, Allosaurus and others began arriving at the park Wednesday.
Contractors are getting the creatures ready for an eventual release into their new habitat — the trees and sands of Adventure Island.

The Dinosaurs Alive! attraction, a $1 million undertaking featuring 50 animatronic dinosaurs, should be ready for exploration when Cedar Point opens May 12.

“We are still receiving deliveries,” said Charles Hutchison, Cedar Point’s digital marketing manager. “This is going to be amazing.”

The display opens up areas of the park that most visitors have never ventured into during the regular season, other than Terror Island during HalloWeekends.

Guests will find themselves stepping onto Adventure Island after crossing a bridge near Camp Snoopy.

In seasons past, visitors could only view the island from certain rides or specific vantage points in the park.

The new exhibit also lets guests walk underneath the back part of the Millennium Force.

Three dozen different types of dinosaurs will be included among 13 different scenes, each scene specific to a prehistoric era.

Most impressive, no doubt, will be the 40-foot-tall and 72-foot-long Ruyangosaurus, whose neck and head will stretch out over the midway, towering over the passersby.

Each dinosaur is eerily realistic, with synthetic skins made from materials and colors that create a genuinely authentic look.

Dinosaurs Alive! winds along a half-mile concrete trail that’s made to resemble petrified soil. The path is also peppered with what’s made to look like fossilized leaves and dinosaur footprints.

But the coup de grace comes when the life-sized dinosaurs thunder to life, moving and roaring as people walk by.

Contractors should have all the dinosaurs installed in short order, providing them more time to focus on building foliage and scenic elements.

“In true Cedar Point fashion, we will take every minute available to us to make it perfect,” Hutchison said.

The park is charging guests a $5 fee — beyond the regular admission price — to view the exhibit.

“A $5 admission makes it an exclusive experience for the guests who want it and can appreciate it,” Hutchison said. “That is, families with children.”

Dinosaurs Unearthed, a Canadian company, created the attraction for Cedar Point.

Sneak Peek: Dinosaurs roar into Cedar Point

From wkyc.com

SANDUSKY — Monstrous roars are echoing at Cedar Point as the summertime scream park invites guests to come face to face with dinosaurs.

The new 2012 attraction — “Dinosaurs Alive” — which is currently under construction on Adventure Island near Millennium Force, features more than 50 animatronic dinosaurs.

Photos: Dinosaurs invade Cedar Point

WKYC.com was invited to the park for an exclusive sneak peek of Dinosaurs Alive with Bryan Edwards, the spokesman for Cedar Point.

“We’re putting them (dinosaurs) out on the island right now, hooking up the sound system to them. It’s really going to be a cool experience. I don’t think words and pictures will do it justice until you actually see these things in person and how big and massive they are.”

The decision to bring these massive creatures to the park came from another Ohio destination — Kings Island.

“The reason we brought ‘Dinosaurs Alive’ to Cedar Point this year was our sister park, Kings Island, down near Cincinnati, introduced dinosaurs and had a similar attraction at their park last year and it was hugely successful,” Edwards says. “Guests of all ages really enjoyed it.”

Although this addition isn’t a signature scream machine, Edwards says it’s a family experience.

“We’ll have three dinosaurs that will have interactive controls that you can move the head, the body, the tail. There will also be a dinosaur dig-pit area for children that they can go through and actually unearth dinosaur bones.”

Edwards anticipates it will take guests at least 45 minutes to soak in the entire attraction.

“Dinosaurs Alive,” which costs an additional $5, will debut when the park opens for the 2012 season on Saturday, May 12.

The long-running Paddlewheel Excursion was removed at the end of the 2011 season to make room for “Dinosaurs Alive.”

Dinosaurs Alive! on Adventure Island Opens Next Summer

Dinosaurs Alive on Adventure Island

Cedar Point Press Release

SANDUSKY, Ohio – Cedar Point has some pretty big plans for next summer.

The Sandusky, Ohio, amusement park/resort earlier today announced plans to introduce Dinosaurs Alive! on Adventure Island, a prehistoric themed attraction, for next summer. The new attraction will be located on four acres on the wooded island that is located in the lagoons toward the back of the park.

In addition to Dinosaurs Alive!, Cedar Point will also add a mat-racer slide complex to the Soak City waterpark located adjacent to the park. Dinosaurs Alive! will cost approximately $1 million to build.

The journey into Dinosaurs Alive! will be multi-sensory and interactive. Guests will be able to see approximately 50 life-size animatronic dinosaurs that will roar and move. Each will be handcrafted and covered with skin-like materials that will replicate almost every feature. Four of the dinosaurs will have interactive consoles that will allow guests to guide their movement to create an up-close look at how these dinosaurs moved their arms, tail, eyes and mouth.

“We are extremely excited about introducing Dinosaurs Alive! to our guests next summer,” said John Hildebrandt, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. “Our guests will have the opportunity to visit the Jurassic Age up close and see some of the amazing creatures that called it home. Dinosaurs Alive! will be educational but fun, too.”

Dinosaurs Alive

Overall, Dinosaurs Alive! will feature approximately three dozen types of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs will range in size and height. The largest will be the Ruyangosaurus that will stand nearly 40 feet tall and 72 feet long. The smallest will be an Angustinaripterus that will only be two feet tall and eight feet long.

Other dinosaurs in Dinosaurs Alive! will include the vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex, Irratator, Baryonyx and Spinosaurus, the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs. A plated Stegosaurus and three-horned Triceratops will also inhabit the island. The half-mile-long path will feature more than a dozen themed exhibits and displays and will veer underneath several of the larger dinosaurs providing a very intimate encounter with the prehistoric beasts.

Guests will enter Dinosaurs Alive! by crossing a bridge near Camp Snoopy. In addition to the dinosaurs, explorers will also encounter an excavation site and paleontological dig. There will also be informational signs for each exhibit and guides and fossil displays that will make Dinosaurs Alive! an entertaining three-dimensional educational tool for school groups as the discovery and identification of new species of dinosaurs increases annually. At the conclusion of the journey, there will be a prehistoric-themed gift shop.

Admission to Dinosaurs Alive! will be $5 per person. Special rates for groups and schools will also be available.

With the addition of Dinosaurs Alive!, the Paddlewheel Excursions boat cruise will be retired from the park. The pioneer-themed boat ride will be in daily operation through Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 5.

Cedar Point’s newest attraction will be created and produced by Dinosaurs Unearthed, an innovative traveling exhibition company that creates dynamic, multi-sensory experiences about the world of dinosaurs. Since 2005, the Richmond, British Columbia, Canada,-based company has provided multi-faceted exhibitions to museums, science centers and zoos throughout the world.

Next to Cedar Point, the Soak City waterpark will also have a new look for 2012. Next summer it will add a new mat-racer complex that will offer racers a speedy ride through a series of dips and plateaus. Additional information will be available later this year.

For more information about Dinosaurs Alive! on Adventure Island and Cedar Point’s plans for 2012, please visit the park’s website at: cedarpoint.com.