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Ride Watch Cedar Point App

With opeing day coming tomorrow, wouldn’t it be great if you could find out the wait time of a ride anywhere in the park?  Well, you can now with the Ride Watch Cedar Point App!  As the decription says…

“Standing in front of Raptor? Wondering if you should ride or walk back to Millennium Force? CP Ride Watch can tell you.”

Sounds like a great app right?!?!  We are planning on using it on opening day and throughout the season and we encourage you too!  Check out some screenshots below:

Off Season Fun: Coasterfusion

Another installment of Off Season Fun featuring coaster enthusiast site: Coasterfusion!  Coasterfusion is a coaster fan site with forums and news about the amusement industry.  The thing that stands it apart from the rest is that you can join the Fusion Club for coaster enthusiasts for only $10.  Which is waaaay cheaper than other clubs.

OK, enough about the site, how can this help you through the off season?  Well, you can read and post to the forums, watch coaster and amusement park videos, and you can buy Coasterfusion gear in the shop!  Also, every Monday night, you can join in the open chat room to talk about coasters and amusement parks!  To start your off season fun, you can join or login if you’re already a member!  Have fun!

Off Season Fun: RollerCoaster POVs

Presenting our first installment of “Off Season Fun”!  In case your wondering, Off Season Fun will be a way to pull you through the remainder of the off season.  A new installment will be published every Monday up until opening day.  We will be featuring movies, pictures, multimedia, and other Cedar Point and coaster related fan sites.

This week we are featuring Cedar Point’s Coaster POVs.  In case you don’t know what a POV stands for, it means Point Of View.  Most of the POV are taped by Cedar Point, but a few are filmed by YouTube users.

Just for the record:

For safety reasons, taking pictures, videotaping and filming on rides are prohibited. Picture taking is permitted on the C.P. & L.E. Railroad, Paddlewheel Excursions and Space Spiral.

If your careful, you can get away with taking a picture or POV videos, but we DO NOT recommend it!

Offical POVs

Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster Reverse


Millennium Force

Millennium Force Reverse


Maverick Reverse

Unofficial, YouTube User’s Videos

Blue Streak

Iron Dragon



Cedar Creek Mine Ride

Mean Streak


Magnum XL 200


Wicked Twister

Disaster Transport

Come back next Monday for another edition of Off Season Fun!