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Cedar Point launches new mobile website and app

Cedar Point Press Release

SANDUSKY, Ohio – A trip to Cedar Point just got a whole lot easier as the Sandusky, Ohio, amusement park/resort has two new ways to help guests with a need to know. Cedar Point has recently launched a new and improved mobile website and an iPhone and Android app.

The Cedar Point MyPark™ App, available as a free download on iPhone- and Android-powered mobile phones, is the ideal tool to plan a trip and save time during a visit to the park. Users will be able to immediately find live shows and food outlets, plus restrooms, ATMs and lockers. The app will feature a map of the park and will designate the user’s location. As the guest moves, their location will change on the park map, taking advantage of the smartphones’ GPS location technology.

Mobile App Homescreen Mobile App Millennium Force

The new mobile website, found at mypark.cedarpoint.com, streamlines information on the full version of the website and caters to guests’ information needs whether they are inside or outside the park. Guests can easily find directions to the park, pricing information or check the day’s special activities and more.

“As mobile technologies have improved, more and more of our guests are using their phones to access information about the park. It was important to make sure they had a convenient and effective way to find the information they need, said Rebecca Baker, Cedar Point’s interactive marketing coordinator. “With the new mobile website and smartphone app, we have made it easier to find information, save time and make their visit to the park more enjoyable.”

Other features of the new app include a “Friend Finder” that will help guests locate other members of their party. There is also a listing of food menus and live show schedules. Users will also be able to purchase tickets and/or season passes or make reservations for overnight accommodations at a Cedar Point Resort Property.

The app will be useful to guests even after the park closes for the night. They can use the app to mark their car when they arrive and then can easily locate it at the end of the day.

Both the app and the new mobile website will also allow users to interact with Cedar Point through social media. They can connect to the user’s Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to send instant posts or photos and “like” Cedar Point rides. Guests can also instantly read Cedar Point’s posts tweets and blogs directly.

Information and photographs of the park’s rides are also available on both the app and mobile website.

For more information about the Cedar Point MyPark App, please visit cedarpoint.com or www.facebook.com/cedarpoint.