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Halloweekend Preparations

It’s that time of year again, where mysterious signs appear around the point announcing there is Halloweekend construction going on.  So, we are here to spill, some, of the beans of Halloweekends 2009.

PLEASE NOTE:  These are just guesses based on information that we have researched and observed at the park.  We could be all right, half right, or get them all wrong.  That’s the chance then you and we have to take to bring you this information.  Now with that in mind, read on…

In Cedar Point’s OnPoint Blog yesterday, they posted a pictures or this…


…could a guest room at NIGHTMARE MANOR be your choice? Well, if it is check out the building that you will be staying in…


…the park’s old main office from the 1800’s.

Now, let’s move down the midway to Disaster Transport…


…notice the old entrance is blocked off.  Well one guess could be that the ride is never busy and there is no need to have a long queue line, or maybe there working on updating there old Halloweekends haunted house, The Pharaoh’s Secret, to ALIEN CRYPT IN 3D.

Remember that these are just guess based off of Trademark information from Cedar Fair.

We hope you enjoyed this Halloweekends Spoiler!