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The 2011 Park Map (Spoilers)

Thanks to the help of my friend, Christopher Huges (@chriswc11), I stumbled upon the 2011 park map.  It’s not the full map as it takes up half a page in the school group brochure, but it gives you an idea of what the map and park will be like next year.


Starting off at Cedar Point’s new ride WindSeeker we find the the Beach Entrance is going to be placed on an angle and it looks like WindSeeker’s queue line will start by the Extrema Sports Stadium as shown in the animation.


We all knew it was coming, it looks like Chaos is leaving and a 3-point challenge is going in it’s spot.  As seen in the next image, it looks like the Demon Drop 3-point challenge has vanished from the map.

Ocean Motion

Cedar Point’s other “new” ride for 2011 is Ocean Motion.  Moving from it old location where WindSeeker is going to the Demon Drop’s old site.  A pond will be placed next to it to add to the theme of the ride.  As you can see the 3-point challenge is no longer shown.

Ocean Motion stays put at CP

From the Sandusky Register


Monday brought good news for fans of Ocean Motion, Cedar Point’s pirate-themed swinging ship ride. It isn’t going away after all.

After failing to sell the ride, Cedar Point officials decided it shouldn’t go the way of the Demon Drop and other rides that have left the park as new rides come in.

The new location of Ocean Motion will be where the Demon Drop used to be, toward the front of the park, near the midway carousel, a park spokesman said.

Its former location, near the beach, will be home to the new towering WindSeeker thrill ride.

Here are some fast facts about Ocean Motion:

  • Pirate-themed boat ride that swings back and forth.
  • Manufactured by HUSS Park Attractions, Bremen, Germany
  • Debuted in 1981 next to the beach in the northeast part of Cedar Point.
  • Seated 54 people. More than 19.5 million people enjoyed this ride through the years.
  • Put up for sale in summer 2010 for $179,000.
  • Moved in November 2010 to make room for new WindSeeker ride.
  • Ocean Motion will now be located at the front of the park where the former Demon Drop welcomed visitors.

Ocean Motion will be setting sail from a new port next year

Cedar Point - Ocean Motion

Cedar Point announced earlier today, through Facebook, that Ocean Motion will be staying at the park next year.  Although it will not remain in it’s old location due to the construction of WindSeeker, Ocean Motion will be moving to the old Demon Drop site, which has sat empty this past season.

Cedar Point - Old Demon Drop Location

Cedar Point - Old Demon Drop Location

Fans seem to be very happy about this decision, and so are we!

What’s the commotion? Say goodbye, Ocean Motion

From the Sandusky Register


As Cedar Point begins to shuffle an old ride off stage, a new star is preparing to make its entrance.

The amusement park has put an old ride, the Ocean Motion, up for sale, and begun dropping clues about the new ride it will debut next year.

Offers for Ocean Motion are being taken by Ital International, which sells new and used rides. The ride is identified on Ital’s website as a Huss Pirate Ship, reference No. 1392.

The asking price is $179,000.

“In our industry, this is a very good ride,” said Carlo Guglielmi, founder and chief manager of Ital. “It’s a classic in the business.”

Ocean Motion is in good shape, well made and would cost more than a $1 million as a new ride, he said.

Cedar Point spokesman Robin Innes said Ocean Motion, which dates back to 1981, is less of a drawing card for Cedar Point than newer rides at the park. Reviewers discussing the ride at the ThemePark Critics website note that “short lines” are a major attraction for the ride. A YouTube user who posted a video of the ride labeled it “lackluster” and wrote, “this ride in hardly popular anymore.”

Fans, however, have noted on the internet that the ride is well-landscaped and that the beach location adds to the ride’s ambiance.

Jeff Putz, webmaster for Pointbuzz.com, said a swinging ship ride is “kind of a staple of theme parks everywhere. The fact that they are selling it surprises me.”

It’s also a surprise considering that Cedar Point has made a considerable investment to keep the ride in good shape, Putz said.

Construction markers near the ride have given rise to speculation that the space vacated by Ocean Motion will be used for the new ride.

Cedar Point announced Tuesday that it will reveal its plans for 2011 at 2 p.m. Tuesday. It began posting  clues about the new ride from its Facebook site. Tuesday’s clue linked to lesson plans for teaching students how to make a wind detector.

Over the weekend, the amusement park celebrated getting more than 500,000 Facebook fans by posting a clue about the new ride. The clue is “IEItRmA,” which unscrambles as “airtime.”

That’s not much of a clue, because most of the rides at Cedar Point spend time in the air, Putz said.

He said he’s confident the new ride will not be a roller coaster but will be a thrill ride with broad appeal.

Speculation has been rife at roller coaster websites that the new ride may be a ride resembling the StarFlyer, a ride made in Australia. At Vienna’s Prater Park, the ride has a tower 236 feet tall that spins guests seated in chairs at the end of a chain.

Roller coaster fans at a Dutch website have pointed out that Mondial, a Dutch ride manufacturer, is producing a new ride that resembles the StarFlyer but can operate against stronger winds.

Mondial said early this year that it designed the Wind Seeker ride “following requests from clients who wanted a Star Flyer-style ride they could still operate within normal wind conditions.” The company said then that “negotiations are currently under way to find the first client.”

Ocean Motion facts

• Manufactured by HUSS Park Attractions, Bremen, Germany

• Debuted in 1981 at Cedar Point

• Seats 54 people

• A boat that swings back and forth in the air

• Located next to the beach in the northeast part of the amusement park