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The OnPoint Blog has Returned!

Yesterday afternoon Cedar Point placed someone out in front of the WindSeeker2Cam with a sign that said: “Favorite Fan Feature Returns 3.9.11” with an arrow to CedarPoint.com.

Fan Favorite To Return 3.9.11 -> CedarPoint.com

Well it turns out that the OnPoint! Blog has returned and the new blogger’s name is Becca.   She started working at Cedar Point seasonally in 2006 as a ride operator on Top Thrill Dragster.   She then returned the following summer as a public relations intern and V.I.P. tour guide.  Now she has one of the best jobs at the park!

Becca Blog Sign

She says that the old blogs will stay around and she plans to bring back the “PointCasts”.  She also has some other exciting things planned that we are just as excited to see!

From everyone at CP Guide, we wish Becca the best at her awesome new job!