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Dinosaurs to roam at Cedar Point? Websites say so

From the Sandusky Register


Will the screams of roller coaster riders at Cedar Point soon mingle with the roars of gigantic dinosaurs?

Multiple websites that closely follow the happenings at Cedar Point are claiming the “Dinosaurs Alive!” animatronic dinosaur park show at Kings Island, another Cedar Fair property, will come to Cedar Point in 2012.

The Point Online — thepointol.com — wrote July 20 that Cedar Fair will shut down Paddlewheel Excursions next year and replace it with the dinosaur show.

The dinosaur extravaganza would be built on Millennium Force Island and a permanent bridge would be built, making it impossible to continue Paddlewheel Excursions, according to the website.

Screamscape.com, which covers amusement parks, also mentioned the Paddlewheel Excursions rumor.

The dinosaur park rumor has also been mentioned in discussion forums at pointbuzz.com.

Cedar Point has not announced what its new attraction will be in 2012. In fact, park officials haven’t even pegged down the official announcement date.

Robin Innes, Cedar Point’s spokesman, said Friday an announcement is planned before the season ends Oct. 30.

Innes wouldn’t comment about the dinosaur report, or on claims Cedar Point will add a new, smaller roller coaster in 2013.

“We won’t provide any information about our plans until we make our final announcement,” he said.