Cedar Point - RollerCoastersIt’s yet another ride at Cedar Point that holds its place in coaster history. The Corkscrew was the first coaster to feature three inversions. It was also the first coaster to span a midway.

Guests can stand right underneath the ride’s corkscrew element and see riders fly right above their heads!

Quick Facts

  • Opened In: 1976
  • Built By: Arrow Dynamics
  • Ride Time: Approx. 2 minutes, 5 seconds
  • Capacity: 1,800 riders per hour
  • Height: 85 ft.
  • Speed: Up to 48 mph
  • Ride Length: 2,050 ft.

Also of Interest

The Corkscrew is located directly across from Top Thrill Dragster, be sure to ride Top Thrill Dragster after your ride on Corkscrew, you can check out the line while your going up the lift hill.

Important Information

  • Riders must be 48″ to ride.
  • Thrill Rating: 5/5
  • This ride is bumpy!  Be sure to take out all earrings before riding.

Average Wait Times

Usual wait time is 10-30 minutes. This ride is generally most busy in the early afternoon.


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