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Ride Watch Cedar Point App

With opeing day coming tomorrow, wouldn’t it be great if you could find out the wait time of a ride anywhere in the park?  Well, you can now with the Ride Watch Cedar Point App!  As the decription says…

“Standing in front of Raptor? Wondering if you should ride or walk back to Millennium Force? CP Ride Watch can tell you.”

Sounds like a great app right?!?!  We are planning on using it on opening day and throughout the season and we encourage you too!  Check out some screenshots below:

The Best Ways to Beat the Heat

Even though Cedar Point is never super hot, thanks to the brezzes off of Lake Erie, it can be enough to make you sweat.  Use these tips to cool off or stay cool…

  • Walk in the shade: You will be surprised how much difference in temperature there can be by moving a few feet over to walk or stand in the shade rather than in the bright sun.
    • The Raptor side of the Main Midway offers nice shaded trees.
    • The Frontier trail offer plenty of shade and nice relaxing benches!
    • The Town Square area of Frontier Town offers plenty of shade and benches, plus take a nice relaxing car ride on the Antique Cars.
  • Walk through stores: Remember that some rows of stores are connected inside, so you can often walk a decent distance in air conditioning.
    • The Pagoda Gift Shop offers a cool path from Planet Snoopy to the Main Midway
  • Take a break in the AC: Look for shows, slow-moving attractions and counter-service restaurants that are indoors to rest your feet and cool off.
    • The Red Garter and the Palace Theatre has both Food and Shows all in AC.
  • Stay hydrated: Any restaurant or food stand with a soda fountain will give you a free cup of ice water.